Independent technology consulting & business advisory services.

Each organisation faces a unique set of challenges. No two organisations are identical.  As a result, the specific factors  driving the adoption or use of information technologies differs between organisations – even in the same industry.

Not only that, given the high rate of change, nothing remains static for a length of time. This makes the evaluation of the opportunities, benefits and pitfalls of any technology ever more challenging, as the benefits and risks of today may change tomorrow.

The trick is to make the right business decisions now to ensure a future success. That’s where we certainly can help you with unbiased, expert advice and guidance on how to fully exploit the business opportunities that the modern digital ecosystem has to offer while avoiding the many pitfalls.

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Our expert, independent, multidisciplinary and up-to-date capability helps you overcome your current challenges, build enterprise resilience and a capability for sustainable competitive advantage.

Business and IT Strategy

Organisations with effectively integrated and aligned business, risk and technology strategies are thriving. We have the expertise to get you to where you should be, rather than where you think you would like to be.

Keynotes, Thought Leadership

Looking for a Thought Leader who is able to expertly distil the complex interactions that make up our fast changing digital world - then deliver fresh and valuable insights with authority to your audience in an engaging manner?

Leadership Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching & Mentoring can be the game changer in developing leadership effectiveness. Being positively challenged and guided by an experienced, insightful coach & mentor will ensure you are equipped to thrive in the face of rapid change.

Leadership Development Courses

These intensive courses are tailored specifically for your business and industry vertical. It provides participants with the latest leadership skills to increase their effectiveness in the new world of IT.

Leadership Development Programs

These tailored 6 month leadership development programs equip your business & technology leadership teams with the right strategic leadership skills to be effective in today’s fast moving world.


About Rob Livingstone

Rob is a Director and owner of Livingstone Advisory - launched in 2010, He is also a sought-after speaker, news media commentator and columnist on contemporary Digital technology issues. A Fellow of the University of Technology Sydney, he lectures postgraduates on leadership, strategy and innovation.

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