Got your Business and IT Strategy alignment working well?

We work closely with you, your key business and IT decision makers to guide the development and implementation of strategies that ensure your enterprise goals are achieved .

Why our approach works:

  1. We have the right people. Each member of our team is:
    • Vendor independent
    • Globally or locally recognised industry leaders and expert practitioners in a range of key subject matter areas.  These include areas such as Strategy and architecture, business transformation, risk, C-level digital leadership, innovation, IT-to-Digital transformation, User Experience research and design, and Big Data;
  2. We adopt an evidence based,  multidisciplinary approach to all workshops which draws on the latest trends and insights from both industry and academia, and take into account factors such as the maturity level, culture, market shifts, compliance load and risk appetite;
  3. We positively challenge collective and individual biases, assumptions and opinions using appropriate discovery processes.
  4. Skill transfer is at the core of all engagements.  Our goal is to maximise your self sufficiency.
  5. We measure the effectiveness of the workshop 6 months after the event.

Our difference is that we ensure that your Business and IT Strategy workshops result in clearly defined, practical actions to ensure the expected outcomes are achieved with known risk and known cost.

RLivingstone 170x193pxFor additional information send us your details and a brief outline of your needs.

Alternatively, feel free to contact Rob Livingstone directly on  +61 2 8005 1972  for a confidential discussion.

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