How to setup and lead digital transformation capability (CIO perspective)

Presented at the University of Technology, Sydney’s DigiSAS Lab Seminar “Adaptive strategic journey management for leading digital transformations”, Rob explores:

  • Digital transformation scorecard,
  • The current CIO landscape,
  • CIOs leading enterprise digital transformation capabilities – why this is important and some of the critical success factors

The audio track is also published as Episode 17 on the Livingstone Advisory Thought Leadership Podcast series


Episode 15 – Exploring various value and risk factors that make up your organisation’s IT and Digital ecosystems

Rob explores a number of aspects of your digital ecosystem, including IoT, executive’s ‘Digital literacy’ levels, fully utilising your existing IT systems, cyber-security and rapid change. See the non-technical challenges in your organisation’s Digital journey?

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Episode 12 – What’s your IT Department’s role in preventing a data breach

How do organisations and their IT departments rate when it comes to protecting themselves and their organisations against the ever present cyber risks and cyber-crime? The answer is, on average, poorly.

In this episode Rob explores key organisational factors that have an overriding influence on the likelihood of data breaches …

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Mandatory data breach reporting legislation and your Australian organisation: BAU?

Australia now joins the list of states and countries which have implemented – or are in the process of  enacting – mandatory data breach legislation.

The Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Bill 2016 was passed in February 2017 which applies to organisations that meet specific criteria such as business size …

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Forget hackers – Look within to find your greatest cyber risk.

Adverse cyber incidents are occurring with monotonous regularity and are routinely reported in the media. With the list of mega-data breaches increasingly looking like the ‘whose-who’ of the corporate world, what chance do you really have in your business when it comes to the protection of valuable information assets?

While …

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Episode 11 – Addressing the cyber-security threat from within your business: Here are 5 takeaways

A rising proportion of data breaches and adverse cyber events are avoidable or self inflicted.  No longer are the majority of cyber threat have their origins coming from outside the organisation, and increasing proportion have their origins stemming from within the organisation – some say in excess of 60%. These …

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Episode 10 – Cyber insurance for your business: Consider this when buying your ‘protection’

For business decision makers, striking the right balance between owning or transferring the risk – through cyber insurance – is not as straightforward as it may initially appear.

In this episode, Rob offers 6 key points to consider when taking on cyber insurance

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Episode 9 – IT and Digital vendor management strategies for change

The conventional approach to managing IT vendors may not be adequate in our rapidly changing business environments or in the adoption of your new, emerging and disruptive business technologies.

In this episode Rob explores contracts based on gain-share, vendor ecosystems, managing changing risk appetite over time, and more


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Episode 8 – Redefine your SLA for sustainable business results: Strategy, Leadership and Adaptability | Thought Leadership Podcast Series

How do prescriptive SLAs help your organisation in changing environments?

This is especially relevant for IT supply contracts – outsourcing, service provisioning and the like – which may work well for both the vendor / service provider in relatively stable environments.

Problem is, in the digital / technology and IT …

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Episode 7 – Is successful business transformation possible without IT’s involvement? | Thought Leadership Podcast Series

The fundamental question for most established organisations is to define what role your IT team are to play in the journey of business transformation.

How this role is defined could be the game changer needed to drive sustainable business value. In this episode Rob shares his perspectives and insights on …

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Episode 6 – Actionable insights on how to build a business relevant and sustainable innovation capability within your organisation. | Thought Leadership Podcast Series

What are the critical success factors that determine any established organisation’s transition to developing a sustainable and value-driven innovation capability?

In this episode, Rob shares his insights and explores the topic of how best organisations can build their own innovation capability to deliver sustainable business results – while balancing the …

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Episode 5 – Building organisational resilience through team and individual resilience | Thought Leadership Podcast Series

Resilient organisations thrive in the face of rapid and unexpected change. Fact is, versatile leaders and staff underpin versatile teams and organisations able to foster and sustain an innovation culture that translates into business value, not just marketing-speak about ‘innovation’.

In this episode, Rob explores this and offers 3 keys …

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Episode 4: Exploring the effectiveness of legislation in our online world, the electronic contract, digital signatures and more | Thought Leadership Podcast Series

How effective is legislation in today’s fast paced digital world?  In many developed countries, there are specific laws governing Online agreements, the use of electronic signatures, your rights to online privacy and mandatory data breach reporting.

Question is: What protections are offered under such laws in our border-less online world …

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Episode 3: IoT & your IT department, Leadership, Cyber risk, architecture and more | Thought Leadership Podcast Series

While the business potential for the adoption of IoT and IoT enabled ‘smart devices’ may be clear, the role that your IT department and vendors play in ensuring IoT is not only a success, but does not cripple your business through a cyber attack is less clear.

In this episode, …

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Episode 2: Mandatory Data Breach Reporting Legislation | Thought Leadership Podcast Series

Reporting a data breach that carries a “real risk of serious harm” are now mandatory under the Australian Government’s recently enacted Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Bill 2016.

All well and good, in theory at least. How practically this can be achieved in our highly connected and rapidly changing digital …

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Episode 1: Agility, IT and Corporate governance considerations | Thought Leadership Podcast Series

Welcome to the Livingstone Advisory thought leadership podcast series – offering independent, expert and thought provoking insights aimed at helping both you and your organisation improve agility and successfully navigate our rapidly evolving digital landscape.

This podcast series covers an extensive range of topics including business strategy, leadership in today’s …

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The role of the data and analytics driven CFO in the new world Big Data and Analytics

The data driven organisation is becoming the game changer for society. Similarly, the analytics and data driven CFO can be the game changer for your organisation.

Never before in recorded human history has it been possible to access massive amounts of data and information on demand – and from anywhere.  …

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