Avoiding new technology failures within your organisation

By popular request, this is the edited transcript of the presentation delivered at the CIO Summit on August 21, 2013 on the Gold Coast, Australia. The focus of the presentation was on Avoiding new technology failures within organisations.

This content as relevant today as it was 3 years ago.

Rob explores the influences of technology induced changes on organisations, and how these are shaping contemporary enterprise IT Strategies. Aspects covered include strategic inflection points, the democratisation of Technology, Enterprise IT, Risk, Privacy and Intellectual Property.

The video of this presentation is here

Avoiding new technology failures in your business – How can this be achieved?

The agenda for this session was

  1. Exploring the ‘success trap’
  2. Forces shaping enterprise IT
  3. Strategic inflection points
  4. Democratisation of :
    • Technology
    • Enterprise IT
    • Risk
    • Privacy
    • Intellectual Property
  5. Ideas for avoiding the technology induced Success Trap
  6. Open questions and discussion


Current enterprise cyber security measures continue to fail us. Why is this and what can you do to fix it?

Adverse Cyber security incidents (such as Data Breach) are just a fact of life, and continue to occur on a daily basis. No organisation is immune.

Fact is, conventional information security and cybersecurity measures continue to fail our businesses in today’s rapidly changing world.

Adverse cyber events manifest themselves as …

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Thinking of your Business Analyst Career in the new world of IT & digital disruption?

Business analyst career options are being redefined in the face of continuous change and technology disruption.

Knowledge intensive IT careers, once considered to be at the forefront of information technology developments are being progressively impacted by the new world of IT, shifting customer expectations and business change.  How this influences …

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ANZRP Panel Discussion – The Privacy Puzzle

Australia and New Zealand Recycling Platform (ANZRP) is Australia’s only not-for-profit, industry-for-industry, Government approved Co-regulatory Arrangement (CA) operating under the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme (NTCRS) established as part of the Product Stewardship Act 2011

In May 2016, ANZRP hosted a panel discussion in Sydney, in order to explore …

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Thriving in a Big Data world

Copy of presentation Thriving in a Big Data world  delivered at the CHASS 2015 National Forum in Melbourne in October 2015. A copy of the presentation as available here, or below.

The Council for Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences in Australia is the peak body supporting more than 75 member …

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CSO / CXO post-conference interview Rob Livingstone

CSO interviews Rob Livingstone on key takeaways from the CSO CXO Series event sponsored by Trend Micro in Melbourne 31st July 2015. Interview conducted by David Braue, CSO Moderator

Also available on YouTube

The Interview transcription is available here…

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Developing versatile individuals to build resilient teams. This drives business resilience

Resilient organisations thrive in the face of rapid and unexpected change. Fact is, versatile leaders and staff underpin  versatile teams and organisations.T hat business and individual’s careers alike are increasingly being subject to the competitive forces shaped by globalisation, technological change and industry disruption is nothing new. What is new, …

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CIO Summit Panel Discussion | Digital road-map: are we there yet?

Panelists at the Perth CIO Summit in May 2015 discuss how they are rolling out digital strategies that improve interactions with internal staff, customers, and citizens.

Key aspects covered in this discussion included the ‘ownership’ of the organisation’s digital strategy.

The panel was moderated by  Byron Connolly, Editor CIO Online…

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Create a respected and effective leadership brand and reputation

Influence, Power, Integrity and your career in IT.

Creating an effective and respected personal leadership brand.

Copy of slides for the Masterclass held at the ACS Youth in IT conference 2014 (Asia Pacific)

Influence, Power, Integrity and your career in IT from Rob Livingstone Advisory Pty Ltd…

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Career resilience is the name of the game

Rob Livingstone’s conference presentation “Career resilience is the name of the game. Why career resilience is key to surviving profound technology change in our globalized world.”

Delivered at the 2014 Youth in IT Conference (Asia Pacific)

Career resilience is the name of the game from Rob Livingstone Advisory Pty Ltd…

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