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The Digital Leadership initiative is vendor independent and technology agnostic expert forum which explores key aspects of the ‘Digital’ organisation.

We offer:

  • Highly engaging and interactive meetups, conferences and workshops that teach, equip and mentor leaders to thrive in the ever-changing digital space.
  • Hands-on, practical tools and processes to build digital teams and deliver enterprise digital products and strategies.
  • Our sessions are facilitated by renowned industry leaders in C-level digital leadership, IT-to-Digital transformation, User Experience research and design, and Big Data.

We discuss questions such as:

  • How effective is your organisation in coming to grips with the new digital world?
  • What exactly does the term ‘digital’ mean in your organisation, and how is its value determined in business terms? Increased customer retention? Facebook ‘likes’, increased margin and sales?
  • Who ‘owns’ the ‘Digital Strategy’ in your business, or do you even need one?
  • Why are the majority of digital initiatives falling short of their expected business outcomes?

The Digital Leadership initiative was formed in 2016 by a small number of trusted, vendor independent and technology agnostic experts that are nationally and internationally recognised in their respective fields.

Livingstone Advisory is a founding partner of the Digital Leadership initiative – a not for profit consortium.

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