Digital and Information Technology Leadership Coaching and Mentoring is a proven way of ensuring that ambitious professionals building professional and career resilience, and enjoy a sustainable and rewarding career.

Bottom line is that today’s rapidly changing business environment challenges ambitious professionals to confront their most serious career challenge today – staying relevant, staying valued and staying employed.

Be willing to change on your terms, or be changed on other’s terms – especially in the face of rapid change.

Technology innovation may be the saviour of many organisations, but leads to the potential for tremendous disruption to the career paths of experienced professionals at all stages of life.

In an employment landscape undergoing continual transformation, risk to promotion and income security naturally grows.

A smart professional understands the forces at play in their industry. They anticipate and take advantage of change and embody resilience.

Having Rob Livingstone as your mentor and coach to focus your insight, hone your ability and grow your agility to take the right action, could be key to you thriving in your current job as well as ensuring continued career security.


“Rob is a very inspirational mentor. His understanding of human behavior in organizations is amazing.  This is how he is able to provide the right direction and guidance to his protégés.  His dedication to his profession and conscientiousness towards promoting the well-being of others is admirable.”

Senior Business Analyst - Leading Australian primary produce exporter

“The Mentoring Program has given me the tools and techniques to refine my brand as THE technology leader in my organisation and the confidence to ensure that the responsibilities that I have been entrusted with will deliver significant benefits to all stakeholders.”

IT Director - Major Australian National Cultural Institution

“I found the program very helpful and supportive as I adjust to my new role. The open and candid approach provides an opportunity to engage in open and unbiased discussions on a range of topics. Rob shares his industry knowledge and life experiences in an open and constructive manner. A very worthwhile engagement.”

Associate IT Director, Leading Australian University

“Participating in the Mentor Program was a valuable experience that challenged not only my perception of the role I play in the organisation but also my ability to communicate a vision for my long term and career aspirations”

Associate Director, A national Australian University

“Rob Livingstone’s mentoring program has been very helpful in assisting me to establish myself into a Directors role, the advice has been excellent and easy to use and implement. I feel I have been lucky to get this type of support from someone with such a wealth of experience”

Director, Information Technology, Tertiary Education

“The Mentor program has provided me with clear, practical strategies and access to a wealth of knowledge from a seasoned IT leader. Rob’s wisdom and sense of humour, his knack for being able to simplify complex issues, and pragmatic approach has proven invaluable in the time that we have worked together.”

National IT Manager, Leading nationwide retailer

“The Mentor Program helped me focus on the tangible outcomes of my role, what I need to achieve to be successful and how to effectively manage the minefield of senior ego’s, cultures and hidden agendas”

Principal Consultant (Australia) , Global Leading provider of IT products and services