Career planning for resilience during rapid technology and workplace change.

This book deals with one of the most serious career challenges facing us today – how to plan and pursue a successful and secure career in an age of disruptive digital technologies. Digital technology innovation is transforming the employment landscape in all sectors.

Changes are happening faster. As career path certainty decreases while income risk increases, how prepared are you to adapt with agility to change and more importantly, harness new opportunities?

This book:

  • Maps the disruptive forces shaping and evolving modern workplaces as they harness the digital technologies on which we are now dependent;
  • Challenges the conventional view of employment to help you be a leader rather than a survivor by providing you with the tools and a framework on which to build career resilience;
  • Offers insights on how you can plan and act to adapt, survive and thrive in uncertain times.

Industries and professions are transforming in months and years in ways that once took decades, or even a lifetime.


“If anyone is qualified to write a book of such broad scope without losing focus, it is Rob Livingstone.

His extensive experience across multiple global locations, organisations and roles comes together in a book that offers incisive thought on, and analysis of, the big issues that threaten to overwhelm people of all ages in the digital era.

In this book, Rob harvests the insights of his rich experience to produce a practical-yet-creative framework for addressing a diverse range of issues (such as that of ensuring fulfilling work options over a lifetime) in a turbulent and unpredictable social reality.

Rather than offering platitudinal solutions to complex life challenges, this book faces the harsh reality of the issues with a strategic orientation that not only makes sense but inspires optimistic action. “

Dr Ken Dovey, Director: MBITM
University of Technology, Sydney (UTS)

“The author has focused on critical themes that people who want control of their future work life must take into account. I have often interviewed or advised otherwise good people who have been too passive in  their own career management and become a victim of  industry wide structural changes. Rob has it right when he advises the reader to take a business planning approach to career and future proof against the vagaries of job and business cycles. The rate of change in the business world and likelihood of more disruptive technologies impacting the nature of work make this a necessity. Rob has given the reader a very practical guide that has excellent application in the countries and cultures I am exposed to.”

Glenn O'Brien
VP Human Resources
Huhtamaki Flexible Packaging Global

“This book is a must-read for those wishing to build resilience into their careers and thrive in the face of an increasingly competitive and disrupted employment landscape. Rob offers valuable insights into the global forces of technology induced disruption cutting a swathe across societies, whole industries and careers alike. His insights, backed by a practical framework and set of tools will be invaluable in helping you steer your career through the turbulence of technological change in our globalised world”

Tracy Angwin
Executive Director
Australian Payroll Association

“Think of this book as your trusted career companion. If you are serious about steering your career through today’s technologically turbulent times, then the insightful perspectives and practical tools offered in Rob’s book will prove invaluable in helping you successfully map your immediate and future career trajectories. The book’s contents are equally relevant at all stages of your career, whether as a school leaver, university graduate or heading towards the closing stages of your career.“

Barbara Simon
President & Publisher,
IDG Enterprise Australia and New Zealand

“Based on my international experience as a recruiter of executive Interim Managers over the last 10 years, I have seen the rise in the number of executives undertaking mid-career reviews, experienced the rapidly changing trends in the Australian employment market, particularly post-GFC, as well as through innovation in technology. We all need to take responsibility earlier in our careers to plan our future career paths and think about how we are going to fund our lifestyles, far beyond what was traditionally considered as the retirement age.  Rob offers a much needed and very practical approach to why and how we need to re-invent ourselves and a practical approach to planning a broader portfolio career.”

Caroline McAuliffe
Watermark Search International

“Rob Livingstone states that “The purpose of Direction through Disruption is to provide a broad understanding of the rapidly evolving landscape of employment in knowledge-intensive careers, and which are the subject of significant technology-induced change.”  That is way too modest.  This book is for anyone with a brain who can read!  Not just employees, although they have the most to gain from Rob’s insights and experience, but also their bosses, who will gain timely, relevant and practical insights into how best to manage their staff in a rapidly changing working environment.  In short, I dare you NOT to read this book as that will give your peers the competitive advantage you don’t deserve!”

Philip N Argy
Chief Executive,
Consulting Principal, Keypoint Law

“As a seasoned executive who has worked across diverse industries, my own career has had to navigate the rapidly changing currents of the global employment marketplace.  There is no doubt that technology is accelerating the rate of change.  Rob Livingstone offers some thought provoking observations on the forces at play and the sorts of questions we should all be asking ourselves to ensure our careers keep pace with the shifts.  His observations about the value of continuously acquiring complementary skills and experience resonate with my own experience.  Rob offers up a set of practical tools which are invaluable in helping you ask the right questions of yourself for your particular situation.”

Chrissy Burns
Chief Information Officer
University of Technology, Sydney (UTS)